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Integration of eyeson

Kaltura MediaSpace

eyeson provides a single stream transcoding multi speaker webcasting unit which is integrated within the Kaltura MediaSpace and KMC. Native mobile clients for iOS and Android or WebRTC compatible web browsers allow actively sending video/audio and allow synchronized slide presentations and screencasting. Passive eyeson webinar participants can join easily with any browser and can use the webinar chat.

eyeson KMS Plugin

How Kaltura users benefit from using the KMS eyeson plugin

  • Multi Speaker Webconferencing with Kaltura Account
  • Automatic Slide-Video-Comment Synchronization
  • Automatic Recording in Kaltura MediaSpace
  • Seamless MediaSpace Integration
  • SaaS with Professional Cloud Solution
  • Web, iOS, Android Solution

Automatic Synchronization

eyeson videos and presentations are automatically uploaded to Kaltura Media

Kaltura users get their recorded eyeson videos and presentations automatically uploaded to Kaltura Media. When you switch to “My Media” you can see your videos created on eyeson directly after your recorded LIVE session. No additional uploads are needed, everything is directly transferred from the eyeson server to the Kaltura server.

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