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Streaming up to 1000 participants

6-10 USERS


Streaming up to 1000 participants

11-15 USERS


Streaming up to 1000 participants

16-25 USERS


Streaming up to 1000 participants

26-50 USERS


Streaming up to 1000 participants

51-100 USERS


Streaming up to 1000 participants

For 100 + users please contact us.

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  • Webinars & Meetings
  • Unlimited Video Calls
  • HD Video Quality
  • Chat & Imagechat
  • Unlimited Duration
  • Personal Call Link
  • Moderator/Organizer
  • Co-Speakers
  • 4 video simultaneuosly
  • Payment Feature
  • Webinar & Video Meeting Recording
  • Screencasting
  • PDF/Image Presentation
  • Polling
  • Public Meeting Link
  • Sales Popup Automatism
  • 10 audio simultaneuosly
  • Max. 1000 participants in total
  • Invite e-mail and social contacts
  • Reminder on Invitations & Posts
  • Post into social networks and groups
  • Own Branding
  • Android & iOS App

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The future of corporate collaboration

eyeson for corporate collaboration

eyeson opens up a new dimension in communicating and collaborating across corporate network structures. Highly available one-to-one video calls, video meetings and webinars change the way your employees interact, share know-how and seamlessly collaborate across borders. Activate your own, fully integrated and branded video collaboration network with just a few clicks. No matter whether you run a small, medium-sized or global business, eyeson is fully scalable to your specific demands. Benefit from the full potential of video communication, collaboration and education across distances and devices.

  • all-in-one solution
  • easy and quick integration
  • customizable user interface for individual branding
  • top-level security standards

The perfect decision for webinar pros and corporate education

eyeson for webinar organizers

eyeson webinar is the perfect choice when it comes to interacting with large audiences through webinars. eyeson webinar was designed to meet the highest demands of webinar professionals, offering the full toolset from planning and invitation to registration and getting the webinar up and running. Special features like co-speakers, replay function, in-video promotions, enhanced statistics and payment features make eyeson webinar a unique and comprehensive tool that is easy to set up and operate. eyeson webinar can be fully branded and works either integrated into corporate or social network structures and as a standalone system.

  • omni-channel access for participants without the need for registration
  • special features such as live polls, advertising options, record & replay, etc.
  • easy to use for the organizer and participants
  • top-level security standards

Next generation in video recruiting

eyeson for human resources

eyeson for human resources introduces a new standard of quality and efficiency in today’s online-based recruiting processes, covering asynchronous video interviews and live talks seamlessly within a single tool.

Setting up, scheduling and processing a whole recruiting workflow, flexibly tailored to specific demands and requirements is made simple and easy. Recording functions throughout the process make it possible to review interviews flexibly and on demand.

  • special HR-features (scheduling, asynchronous interviews, …)
  • record & replay
  • reduced hiring costs due to seamless communication across distances
  • easy and quick integration into your processes

Next generation in social network collaboration

eyeson for social networks

Live video communication is taking collaboration and interaction within social networks to the next level. The availability of one-to-one video calls, video meetings and webinars provides a new and evolutionary asset and experience to its members, enabling individual communication, the support of recruiting processes, business meetings or professional knowledge platforms and so much more.

eyeson for social networks is a seamlessly integrable video collaboration platform reflecting your network’s specific demands, providing potentials for new business models within your existing member groups.

  • full integration into your network
  • easy and quick integration
  • customizable user interface for individual branding
  • top-level security standards and confidentiality

Taking your individual advantage

eyeson for individual solutions

Live video technologies are a game changer in setting up future collaboration, communication and workflows, opening up relevant potentials for different industries.

As part of our research and development division, customeyes is focuses strongly on identifying, designing and developing future video streaming potentials and thus leveraging opportunities on the pulse of time. A close cooperation with our customers from industry and business therefore forms the strong basis for individual evolution processes and highly integrated, customized solutions, meeting the highest industry standards in terms of performance and security.

  • developing new individual solutions
  • top-level security standards and confidentiality

eyeson – simple seamless collaboration

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